Teaching Mindfulness To Children

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It’s More Than a Course

When you sign up for our in-depth video series, you receive expert guidance on how to present mindfulness to children in a classroom setting. In addition to the course, you also get to join a thriving community of professionals dedicated to mindfulness and to classroom education. The community serves as a hub of professional support made up of people with varying areas of expertise all dedicated to mindfulness education. The community meets regularly to learn to deepen their understanding of mindfulness and of presenting it to children in a school setting. We are constantly adding new material to the community hub so you continue to develop your practice throughout the year.

Module 1: Introduction and Teaching Mindfully

This is your introduction to what it means to teach mindfulness to children. Learn how to define what mindfulness is and is not, its benefits in education, and how mindfulness affects the developing brain. You’ll learn about the importance of teaching from presence and how to integrate your own mindfulness practice into your teaching.

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Module 2: The Fundamentals of Mindfulness

Learn how to introduce mindfulness to younger and older children as well as the quintessential lessons to any mindfulness program. Each lesson is broken down into three parts, an introduction, a demonstration, and a reflection.

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Module 3: Honing Attention & Regulation Skills

This module builds off of the techniques offered in Module 2, emphasizing building the student’s ability to strengthen and sustain their attention. This set of units also focuses on ways students can use mindfulness to regulate their nervous systems, sensory input, and emotions.

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Module 4: Cultivating Empathy & Well-being

This module combines mindfulness practice and heart practice. Its purpose is to offer a  set of lessons to address the need for compassion, co-operation, inclusivity, and respectful regard for others in the classroom. These lessons hold the perspective that having empathy for others in-turn cultivates personal well-being and happiness, making these practices holistic instead of punitive responses to difficult or challenging classroom relationships.

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Module 5: Social-Emotional Learning Through Mindfulness

This module unites the theory of SEL and mindfulness practice by using mindful awareness to understand the intrapersonal processes (awareness of one’s own emotions, thoughts, and ideas) and interpersonal processes (empathic relating to others). This set of lessons advances a mindfulness program, bringing depth and life long skills to any student.

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