Solutions Lab

Let’s Workshop That!

What’s a Solution Lab?

Now Children is centered on bringing mindfulness to the classroom to benefit our children and help them navigate a complex world. We also recognize that mindfulness alone is not enough to meet these complexities. In our Solutions Lab, the community identifies issues and needs that require thoughtful reflection, community action, and a diversity of solutions.

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Propose a Topic

Our community surfaces topics for the group to work on in our Solutions Lab. Do you see a barrier to delivering mindfulness in the classroom and want some help developing a strategy to overcome that obstacle? Do you see larger complex problems surfacing in your classroom and want to find a mindful solution? Let’s workshop that! We are looking to the community to inform us of what they find to be the most significant challenges. Together, we can develop ideas and methods to overcome these challenges to work to benefit children everywhere. We want to hear from you. If you see an area of need, others likely have the same need, so please feel free to reach out and let us know what challenges you face to bring mindfulness to the classroom.

Propose a Topic

CIIT – Our Lab Process

A successful workshop depends on a solid structure with a clear process and leadership. With each chosen Lab topic, we gather information, resources, and experts to support the Lab. We also believe in the expertise and problem-solving abilities of our participants. It’s amazing what can be accomplished together! Each lab is mindfully facilitated to concentrate our efforts while also supporting collective innovation and creativity. We also want the process to be fun! The acronym CIIT (pronounced kit) outlines this process. 

      • Connect – We start by getting to know each other

      • Identify – what are the sub-issues and upstream issues related to the chosen topic. What resources and information are needed to be gathered? 

      • Incubate – A process of brainstorming, creative outlining, and group discussion sessions occur to come up with theorized solutions

      • Test – a follow-through plan is developed to test and fine-tune the theorized solutions

All theorized solutions are then shared with the larger Now Children community with opt-in forums and blog updates as solutions continue to be workshopped.