Serving Those

Who Serve Children


Classroom teachers are often holding the educational and emotional needs of individual students and the class as a whole. They are unique in integrating direct daily mindfulness teachings into their existing curriculum, offering continuity and sustainability to a mindfulness program. Our training supports teachers to integrate mindfulness into their own teaching style and current curriculums. Lessons are designed to teach a full class but are easily adaptable to meet an individual student’s needs. Learn more about how you can earn professional development credit for your participation.

Teachers planning

Mindfulness Instructors

People who have already been trained to professionally teach mindfulness may not have the training or experience to teach to children. This will prepare you to bring mindfulness programs to classrooms or other children’s programs by providing you with a complete curriculum, how to teach and adapt to different ages, and classroom management skills.

Educational Support Professionals

Creative arts teachers (music, art, theater, language, etc.), learning specialists, school therapists, and social workers often work in various conditions. You might go to the students and teach in their classroom, or they may come to you. You might work a lot one-to-one or in small groups. This training offers enough guidance and support to adapt the mindfulness curriculum to your needs and make the content relevant to your student’s learning goals.

School Facilitator
parent teacher meeting


Principals, Heads of School, and other administrative support staff are not only working hard to support a healthy learning environment school-wide for students but a collegial work environment for staff, teachers, and parents. Our training supports administrators to find more balance in their work, better support the wellbeing of their teachers, and gain skills to work with students in groups or one-to-one.

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