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Calling all Educators and Mindfulness Teachers

I believe that bringing mindfulness into the classroom is the single most supportive thing we can do for our teachers and children to help them meet the challenges of the world with greater resilience. Now Children provides the platforms, structure, tools, and training for teachers, school administrators, educational support professionals, and mindfulness teachers to bring mindfulness to children in a meaningful way.

~ Kate Munding
Kate Munding - Mindfulness Teacher
Special Event
With Kate Munding – Founder of Now Children
May 14, 2022 – Recharge and Re-engage!
Join us for this in-person workshop (San Rafael, California) designed to help restore and rejuvenate you! We’ll share practices and strategies to help you cultivate resilience, self- compassion, and happiness, including heart practices, guided meditation, mindfulness, and other activities. All are welcome; no previous experience is needed! Proof of vaccination required, safety protocol in place.
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Teaching Mindfulness To Children

For their well-being and yours!

Our Vision

Find out what Now Children is all about and what is our motivation. (Read Now)

For The Children

Would the students in your classroom benefit from mindful-awareness practices that help them thrive and not just cope? (Play Video)

Supporting Educators

It’s been a very challenging couple of years in education. Are you someone who could use extra support that focuses on your well-being? (Read Now)

The Now Children Training Program
Building a Community of Practice

Teaching Mindfulness To Children

Classroom teachers often hold the educational and emotional needs of individual students and the class as a whole. Our training supports teachers in integrating mindfulness into their own teaching style and current curriculums offering continuity and sustainability to a mindfulness program.

It’s More Than a Course

This training is perfect for educators who need support for their own well-being as well as a set of tools to support the emotional well-being of the children they serve in the classroom. I would also like to encourage mindfulness teachers to join us whether that is to support educators in their efforts of bringing mindfulness to the classroom or to learn the skills needed to teach mindfulness to children.

~Kate Munding

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Paradigm Shift

The current dominant paradigm is incompatible with the idea of a thriving future for our children.

Climate in Crisis

The planet needs our care. Mindfulness can help us to reconnect with and care for the natural world.

Sense of Connection

When life shows us what it’s like to be disconnected from others, ourselves, & the planet…  it’s clear that it’s time for a change.

Fact or Fiction

How can we begin to build a better future when we don’t even trust one another? With so much polarization, it’s hard to discern fact from fiction –  especially in the digital age.

The Complexity of Bias

We live in a racially charged society that impacts children’s world views with a ripple effect of unequal opportunity and unnecessary heartache.

A New Story

The pandemic has provided us time to see that things are not working. Going back to how things were, is not an option.

Why Now?

Children are entering into a world filled with challenges. As the founder of Now Children, I believe that mindfulness is the fundamental underlying tool that can support students – and the teachers tasked with preparing them – for a challenging life ahead. Won’t you join us today to help build a better tomorrow?
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Why Now?

Now Children is dedicated to supporting teachers and all who prepare children to enter a difficult future. We believe that mindfulness is the fundamental underlying tool that can support students and the teachers tasked with preparing them for the future. We need to be the change together.