Mindfulness in Education

Bringing education and mindfulness communities together to teach mindfulness to students.

Our Mission

To bring together education and mindfulness communities passionate about teaching mindfulness to students to impact their lives and society’s future.

Our Vision

At this moment, we see ourselves challenged by the pandemic, huge climate problems, institutional racism, and more and more polarization. We need change and human evolution. This change should include our children, and we believe that mindfulness is fundamental to that shift.

Mindfulness brings forward our kids’ nature to be kind, compassionate, and curious. It’s an essential tool to help children get through their formative years and foundational to building the resilience, compassion, and wisdom they will need in an ever-changing world. Mindfulness provides the building blocks for personal growth and, ultimately, wise leadership through self-awareness. The more we cultivate it, the more we evolve into more whole human beings. This is the kind of transformation we, at Now Children, aspire to be part of and why we think our work is for the betterment of society and our planet’s future.

Now Children is a unique learning environment designed to support personal, professional, and collective growth. We bring together educators, therapists, school administrators, social workers, and mindfulness trainers inspired to bring mindfulness to children. Now Children provides a supportive online environment with year-long curriculum training, mentorship, continued professional development, and opportunities to learn and grow with each other in this powerful and essential work.

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Creating a Resilient Classroom

Meet Kate Munding

Kate Munding has been teaching mindfulness to children and educators for over ten years. She has personally trained over 2500 professionals in mindful awareness and compassion curriculum and more than 2000 K-12 students directly in their classroom. She has experience in teaching parent programs, special day classrooms, afterschool programs, and summer camps. She has worked with educators and professionals around the United States and across the globe. She was the Director of Training for Mindful Schools for many years and owner of Heart-Mind Education. In addition to her secular teaching, Kate is a Buddhist Meditation teacher and a member of Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s Teacher Council.

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