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Is Now Children for me?

We find there are three categories of people that have great success with this program:

  • Individuals with a mindfulness practice and teaching background
  • Individuals with a teaching background but who do not have a mindfulness background.
  • Individuals with a mindfulness background but not a teaching background


Suppose you are an educator but don’t have experience with mindfulness. In that case, you will learn enough personally through this course to teach this curriculum from an authentic place of understanding. We offer additional support opportunities to help customize your learning experience. You will personally gain a lot by learning a mindfulness practice. We encourage all of our participants to engage in a personal mindfulness practice during the course and while you are teaching the curriculum to others.

Yes, you can. The lessons offered in this curriculum are very flexible and easy to apply in small learning groups, after school programs, and even one on one with a student.

There may be some repeated information that you’ve learned in other trainings, and you’ll also gain new approaches and lessons unique to Now Children. You will also gain exposure to other experts in the field through our masterclasses and workshops, one to one support, and access to an ongoing collegial community.

If you’ve been trained as a mindfulness facilitator or instructor to adults but have not taught to children, this is an appropriate course for you. You will learn how to use present age-appropriate mindfulness lessons in a classroom setting, simple classroom management tools, and ways to approach schools about your program.

Although the course content is aimed at elementary school, most of the lessons are easily adaptable for middle and high school.

Now Children does not turn anyone away due to a lack of funding. Please contact us here to ask about scholarship opportunities. 

If you are a music or art teacher, special education teacher or specialist, ESL specialist, or school counselor, this course is appropriate for you. You will be able to integrate your professional experience into this curriculum and find that the lessons and methods are flexible enough to meet your students’ needs and incorporate them into your existing curriculum. Special workshops and one to one support meet the learning needs of all our participants.

Technical & Account Questions

Once you signup for the course, either as a self-paced learner or as part of a group or cohort, you will be sent information on how to access your course with your username and password. To get back to the course, simply click on the “Sign In” link found in the navigation bar at the top of our website.

Our monthly live webinars will be delivered by Zoom video calls. These webinars are a benefit to all course students as well as to all Alumni who choose to join the Community Hub membership plan. To get the information on how to join the webinar including your zoom link, please log in to the course and navigate to the section about the Live Webinars.

If you lost your password to the course, please click here to reset it. If you lost your password for the Zoom webinar, please review the email we sent you for instructions on how to join the call.

When you are a member of our community, you will be invited to attend monthly live webinars delivered via Zoom. If you are new to Zoom or having difficulty getting it set up, please visit their help center here.

Nope! We have two ways to sign up for the course or the community hub. One is to pay for a full year upfront to receive 2 months of free access for the year. With this option, you are simply making a one-time payment, and the course will be available for 365 days from the time you start the course.

With our second option, you are also signing up for a full 365 days of access to the course. Your payments will automatically be spread over 12 monthly payments, and that’s that. Nothing more for you to do.

If you sign up for the monthly payment plan or the community hub’s annual plan, your membership will also last for 365 days. If you would like to join for another year, you can simply signup again to gain an additional 365 days of access to the community hub. Please note, we do not automatically enroll students into subsequent years of membership.

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