Teaching Through the Lenses of Compassion, Service, and Community

Session Title: Teaching Through the Lenses of Compassion, Service, and Community

Speaker: Michele Lilyanna 

Description: Students can develop their self-advocacy in an ever-changing world with no new curriculum required. Instead, shifting to a social-emotional lens brings education alive and connects the curriculum to students’ inner and outer worlds. It doesn’t matter what you teach; it’s where it’s coming from; compassion, generosity, and kindness. Michele will show you how in this fun and inspiring session backed by her 30 years of experience as a classroom teacher and SEL specialist.

Presenter Bio: Michele Lilyanna has taught in the Canadian public school system for over 30 years.   Her teaching centered around social-emotional learning and art in grades K-7. Recently she took a position as a social-emotional resource teacher.  She is the co-author with James Baraz of the Nautilus Gold award-winning parenting book, Awakening Joy for Kids She is a certified Awakening Joy teacher and has developed and taught a 5-month course for parents featured on James Baraz’s Awakening Joy 2021 course.  With over 3,000 hours of Non-Violent Communication retreat work and a love of learning and sharing, Michele shares simple ways to foster your child’s innate goodness. She has two sons.


Nov 13 2021


Pacific Time
10:30 am - 11:30 am



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