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Mindfulness in the Classroom

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Teaching Mindfulness to Children

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The Community Hub

At the heart of what we offer is a community comprised of skilled professionals dedicated to bringing mindfulness to kids. Be part of this creative learning hub that connects people across the globe. Receive access to ongoing webinars, masterclasses, forums, and resources to keep you updated and engaged in the world of mindfulness education. You’ll have year-round access to the full course curriculum in addition to all of the resources of the hub.

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Mindfulness in Education

A Comprehensive Training Course

This training will fully prepare you to teach mindfulness to kids and enrich your own life with more presence, well-being, and healthier connections with others. The course offers everything you need to teach mindfulness to young students. The curriculum starts with fundamental lessons that are then scaffolded on, providing depth in its content. Participants are encouraged to bring their own experience and personality to the curriculum to make the content come alive and relevant to their work.

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Monthly Live Online Webinars

Members of the Now Children Community have access to live-online webinars every month. These webinars will keep your teaching current and your mindfulness programs sustainable as well as help guide you through the course curriculum. Topics range from personal practice to current neuroscience and research to lesson development and more. Many of the presentations are offered by some of the top experts in education and mindfulness.

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Fresh and Relevant Content

The field of mindfulness is always expanding and improving. We strive to bring our members up to date research, knowledgeable speakers, and innovative new lessons. We know it’s also essential to be relevant to these difficult and challenging times. We are living through unprecedented history, and these offerings are designed to meet you where you are and support you and your students.

Skilled Mentorship

Go deeper with the support of a mentored cohort (max of 12 participants) of like-minded professionals that will be taking the course together with a guiding mentor. The groups will meet for two hours once a month with Kate Munding or another mentor, over a twelve-month period. This mentorship helps with accountability and helps personalize the coursework to fit your teaching needs. We also offer one-on-one mentoring for those who would like personalized support.

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A Deepening of Practice

When we develop our understanding of mindfulness and compassion in our professional life, it overflows to all areas of our life. One of the significant benefits of taking this course and joining the Now Children community is the inner growth one develops. When the mindfulness teacher is living mindfully, with more presence and well-being, it can’t help but seep into all aspects of their work, becoming a benefit for all.

Continuing Education Units

You can qualify for 4 units of graduate-level professional development credit for your participation in the Now Children training when you select our Mentored Cohort learning track. Please get to know the policies of your school district regarding graduate-level professional growth courses before registering.

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